Explore and Download the Best Mac Apps

Welcome to the MacsLift! It is all about making the informed decision when it comes to choosing the right application for your Mac notebook or desktop. And MacsLift is your beacon in the ocean of thousands of apps for Apple computers.

We hand-pick the best applications and sort it out in 10 categories that cover every aspect of your activity on a Mac. You can browse these sections at your pleasure or perform a site-wide search for something specific. Then, just read the detailed description and look through screenshots to get the precise idea of whether this app is really what you want and need.

We simplify finding great apps and determining whether they are 100% relevant to your needs. And in the end, it makes your life easier and simply enjoyable!

Go ahead and start exploring the new apps and opportunities!

Educational apps


Browse Education applications for Apple computers to discover
productivity-boosting and enlightening software to help you with daily
tasks and expand horizons.

Entertainment apps


Browse Entertainment apps for Apple computers to discover exciting games as well as software for fun and leisure like watching movies or listening music.

Developer Tools

Developer Tools

Browse Developer Tools for Apple computers to find practical software to explore the apps’ internals, develop applications, edit code and layou

multimedia apps


Browse Multimedia & Design applications for Apple computers to discover awesome software to create, edit and manage videos, photos, and audio.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Browse Social Networking applications for Apple computers to spot the best software to communicate with family and friends stay connected to the entire world!

Utilities apps


Browse Utilities for Apple computers to find handy yet functional software to accomplish routine tasks, enhance the computer’s security and performance, etc.