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alarm clock appAre you sick and tired of waking up with an annoying sound like a croak? Some users find it irritating to stand up along with their favorite pop, rap, or rock songs. Alarm Clock may offer several solutions to let a user wake up gently even when it is too early. It is a menu gadget for installing the alarms of two types. A user may set up a single-time alarm or let the item repeat alarms with the particular intervals of time. It is up to a user to decide whether to pick one of the offered sounds or select a preferred track from iTunes. Except for keeping a person vigil, the software may also wake the chosen computer from sleep.

It is possible to configure the duration of a snooze to any length. One can maximize or minimize the snooze period directly from the application’s window. Do you have an Apple remote? Then, you may select snooze without leaving your bed or whatever place you prefer to sleep in. In case you hate being disturbed by the blaring alarms in the mornings, one more feature may be useful. An “easy wake” feature makes the volume go up over time, so it will not be like a sudden boom next to your ear. A user can play with the settings to choose the ones he or she is comfortable with.

By default, the gadget also shows the weather outside. Alarm Clock also displays the local weather conditions.

Even though the discussed application is no longer developed, it still works under Mac OS X 10.9.x. Other users have many options available on the market as well.

Version: 2.4.5

Latest Updates:

  • An extra button to reduce timer/stopwatch
  • Repaired off-screen timer/stopwatch error
  • Czech localization included
  • German and Hungarian localizations improved

Price: Free

Developer: iHandy, Inc.


  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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