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Drivers for Canon inkjet printers and scanners

Apple Canon Printer Drivers are software allowing inkjet printers and scanners produced by Cannon to function properly. The software helps a Mac to communicate with Cannon devices by converting computer data into a format that can be interpreted by printers and scanners.

Outdated drivers can produce considerable problems for printer owners. Not only they run hardware of Canon devices in a limited way, but they also can cause a macOS crash. Therefore, owners of such devices will benefit greatly from downloading and installing the drivers. Apple Canon Printer Drivers are needed to translate print requests into a language that can be understood by a printer. After downloading and installing the drivers, a Mac will be able to communicate with the device without having full information about its technical specifications. The drivers also help to achieve more efficient functioning of Canon printers and scanners. It happens because the latest update of the software incorporates multiple bugs and stability fixes. If a user has upgraded their macOS to High Sierra and experiences printing or scanning problems, the quickest way to fix them is to install Apple Canon Printer Drivers.

To ensure that Canon printers and scanners communicate properly with a Mac, Apple has developed an automatic printer installation feature. However, not all models of Canon devices support this feature, which calls for the use of Apple Canon Printer Drivers. Download the latest version of the drivers from the Apple’s official website. The drivers support more than 300 models of Canon printers and scanners. The whole list of supported models can be found here.

Version: 3.3

Latest updates:

  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Improved stability

Developer: Apple

Price: Free

Requirements for Apple Canon Printer Drivers:

  • Intel
  • OS X 10.7 or later

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