apple pages

An advanced word processor for Mac

Apple Pages is a word processing application used by the vast majority of Mac owners. The app allows its users to conduct a large number of text processing tasks ranging from simple writing to epub editing. Although the app is similar to other word processing instruments present in mainstream office suites, it is much more advanced. For example, a vast library of templates allows creating flyers, certificates, brochures, and cards among others. A large selection of fonts, tables, design elements, and charts allows further customizing text materials created in the app.

Apple Pages provides its users with a great number of controls and options. A spacious Inspector panel lends itself to simple navigation. Sharing and collaboration features of Apple Pages are, arguably, its greatest strengths. Enabled by iCloud, the features allow Mac owners to use the app for group projects.

Even though the app helps to create visually arresting text documents with much ease, it has several downsides that should be addressed by Apple. For instance, its footnotes and endnotes are less customizable than those of Microsoft Word. As a result, the process of online editing can become convoluted and inconvenient. However, automated formatting and advanced features such as transparent backgrounds for photos counterbalance the drawbacks of Apple Pages.

Overall, Apple Pages is a solid word-processing app, which can be used even by novice users to create visually stunning papers. Taking into consideration the fact that the latest version of the app can be downloaded for free on Mac App Store, there’s no reason to use other word processors.

Version: 7.0

Latest updates:

  • Book templates;
  • Real-time collaboration;
  • Side-by-side view;
  • Donut charts;
  • New editable shapes;
  • Fraction formatting function.

Price: Free

Developer: Apple, Inc.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.12 or later

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