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Apple Safari is a web browser that is included with a Mac. The browser outpaces its competition in terms of speed and efficiency. Unlike other battery-draining browsers, Apple Safari helps to save battery life, which is especially important for users of iOS devices. The difference in power consumption can translate into an hour or two of additional browsing. Privacy features of Apple Safari make it one of the top-flight browsers. A user can specify whether they want to allow websites to store cookies and other data on a Mac. This helps to ensure that they are not presented with annoying apps every time they visit their favorite websites. Furthermore, the browser allows the user to control permissions for Location Services. The Private Browsing feature of Apple Safari helps users to cover their digital tracks when they look at sensitive content.

In addition to keeping user’s data safe, the app makes sure that its users have a unique browsing experience by providing them with one-of-a-kind tools. Reading List is a feature that allows saving web pages for reading offline. Shared Links is another tool that can be used to view RSS feeds and links shared by friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Given that the browser can be synced via iCloud, its users can seamlessly switch between Apple devices without having to open the same tabs each time. There’s also a convenient way of storing passwords for multiple devices with the Keychain feature.

The features and qualities of Apple Safari discussed above boil down to the sublime browsing experience, which is something all web surfers look for. Since the browser is snappy, efficient, and, most important, completely free, there shouldn’t be any qualms about using it.

Version: 11.0.3

What’s New:

  • WebKit;
  • Improved memory handling.

Price: Free

Developer: Apple Inc.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.12.6 or later


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