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Avast Mac SecurityUnfortunately, the era of virus-free computing for Macs is over. It means that members of the Apple crew should be shielded against Mac-specific virus attacks to ensure that their hardware and software are safe. Avast Free Mac Security provides a protective barrier that can withstand even the most ruthless malware assaults.

Avast Free Mac Security has three protection modes: Web Shield, Mail Shield, and a File Shield. The first two modes help to scan the incoming data, thereby protecting a Mac from incoming attacks. File Shield mode, on the other hand, scans data stored on a hard drive as a means of ensuring that no harmful software has found its way into your system. The utility works marvelously in non-commercial settings. However, if you want to use Avast to protect your business network, you have to pay for a more advanced Pro edition.

Avast is an on-demand virus scanning utility, which relies on the signature-based detection to keep a Mac malware-free. The malicious content scanning can be also conducted on a scheduled basis, which is extremely convenient for some users. The utility also scans a router to ensure that it is not vulnerable to executable shellcode scripts.

Avast Free Mac Security is an excellent utility, the high performance of which has been repeatedly confirmed in a variety of independent lines of investigation. Furthermore, due to a moderate impact on a Mac performance, you won’t experience system hangs during active scans initiated by the app. A data-rich interface of Avast Free Mac Security will be appreciated by those users who like to fiddle with the frequency of notifications, system scans, and other niceties of the tool.

Version: 13.4

Latest updates:

  • Photo analysis;
  • Fixed a Wi-Fi inspector bug.

Price: Free

Developer: Avast Software


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later

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