Trackpad gestures customization app

While macOS offers a number of built-in Touch Bar customizing options, they are quite limited and can’t apply to all of a user’s needs. For years, BetterTouchTool has been accomplishing the customization process for MacOS. Initially, the app was created as a customizing tool for trackpad gestures; its popularity, as well as the number of its functions, has increased rapidly. The number of available gestures and the actions triggered by them keeps expanding. Today, BetterTouchTool covers practically all options starting with Mac’s keyboard and including Siri Remote on Apple TV.

A user can create buttons on Touch Bar, to instantly trigger certain keystrokes. Alternatively, the keystrokes can be bind to one of the pre-defined actions on the long list offered by the app. To choose the ones that work best for you, you can explore the available gestures.

With the BetterTouchTool app, you can create global commands, app-launching shortcuts, app-specific commands and button groups.

Normally, you will see only an icon of the BetterTouchTool in the Menu Bar. This software works in the background mode, constantly scanning which apps you are using at the moment and the actions of your fingers on the device’s trackpad.

The ability to set up certain gestures and assign them to the newly created shortcuts is extremely helpful. BetterTouchTool makes the touch surfaces of your Apple device open up to their full potential. Here are just a few of handy gestures you might not even know are possible to use on your Mac with the help of BetterTouchTool, working both for Magic Mouse and Touchpad:

Magic Mouse

  • Zoom pinch out/in
  • Single-finger tap, taps right, left or middle
  • Two-finger tap and click
  • Two-finger swipe (right/left/down/up)
  • Three-finger tap, click and swipe


  • Single-finger taps at the top and bottom right, left and middle
  • Two-finger taps
  • Three-finger taps, clicks, and swipes
  • Four-finger swipes (right/left/up/down)
  • Five-finger taps and swipes
  • Two- and three-finger TipTaps

The incredible effectiveness of the application combined with its modest price makes BetterTouchTool an essential extension for your Apple device.

Version: 2.350

Latest Updates

  • General improvements of responsibility and minor bug fixes

Price: $6.50

Developer: Andreas Hegenberg


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later