A Cheater App for Gamers

bit slicer menuAre you a gamer? If you ever need someone to assist you with the gaming process, this app might do. Bit Slicer helps to cheat on the nasty levels that simply drive you mad. The main functionality of this tool is finding and changing various player or game values (e.g., score, HP, ammunition, etc.) It is a universal solution for different games.

On the whole, Bit Slicer serves as the tool created to empower a user to search the memory footprints of the currently running processes and does a small covert.

The main features are:

  1. Memory inspection.
  • Dumps memory to files for manual investigation.
  • Changes memory protection features.
  • Observes and fixes memory live.
  1. Memory checker.
  • Detects and reduces values of different categories (from strings to pointers).
  • Adds, removes, and changes variables.
  • Freezes variable’s values.
  • Plays with pointers.
  • Saves a process’ full virtual memory storage.
  • Looks for values depending on incremental modifications.
  1. Debugger
  • Installs breakpoints; offers report when they are damaged; observes backtraces; modifies the instructions, and manipulates thread registers.
  • Explores live disassembly of instructions.
  • Changes bytes directly.
  • Controls why instructions access a variable
  • Injects x86 code on the fly

Moreover, Bit Slicer allows freezing the current process. It may undo and redo various modifications. The app assesses math expressions automatically. It runs as a normal user. Finally, it offers OS-level functions like auto-save, window restoration, application nap, and more.

If you miss something in this application, try searching for its alternatives. Both Mac and Windows users have plenty of free options available online.

Version: 1.7.8

Latest Updates:

  • Eliminated possible bad memory-access crash
  • Fixed error when script variable’s descriptions were annotated in a wrong way
  • Added Russian localizations
  • Solved issue with the variable value modifications that may not display on outdated Mac OS X
  • Disabled tab bar for Debugger, Memory Viewer, and Logs windows

Price: Free

Developer: Zorg


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later