Bitdefender Virus Scanner

Anti-malware & virus scanning app

Bitdefender Virus Scanner app offers an ultimate security and protection for your Mac.

The application can easily find most types of existing malware on your Mac computer. Besides, it detects all infected files that you might download online or receive in the inbox. The app keeps your device safe and prevents you from passing the malicious files on to your friends or colleagues.

Select a location on your Mac, and grant Bitdefender Virus Scanner to scan it and detect any hidden malware files in just a few clicks. You can choose between the options ‘Scan Critical Locations’ and ‘Deep System Scan’. The app works effectively thanks to the unique Bitdefender engines.

Here are the features that Bitdefender Virus Scanner offers you:

  • Detecting both malware in OS X’s and viruses in Windows.
  • Before each scan, the app updates itself automatically, to be able to detect the most recent types of malware.
  • Bitdefender searches malware not only in regular locations but also in archives; besides, it works with a wide range of file formats including rar, zip, pkg, pdf, etc.
  • With the ‘Critical Location Scan’ feature you can scan the areas prone to online infections instantly.
  • The app works running on the unique Bitdefender engines that have proven their efficiency.

Other features of Bitdefender Virus Scanner include:

  • Putting potentially malicious files into quarantine
  • Deep scanning of the system in all locations that have been granted to access by a user
  • Easy drag-and-drop scanning of folder and files
  • Option to have certain folders and files excluded from scanning (for examples, backups done by Time Machine, etc.)
  • User-friendly intuitive interface

Remember about certain constraints of the app:

  • Bitdefender can’t scan programs that are stored in Mac’s memory.
  • Disinfection and scanning of devices can be limited depending on the privileges of the user who runs the application.
  • Due to App Store sandboxing, Bitdefender can only access the locations that were explicitly granted to access by the user. To increase your Mac’s protection, you can grant the access to its whole disk.

Version: 3.10

Latest Updates:

  • General bug fixes;
  • The app translated into more languages. Now available in Italian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch;
  • Major fixes from the previous version of the app: improved management of memory, support of the app in 64 bit, the ability to restore files in quarantine into a new location in case the original path isn’t available anymore.

Price: Free

Developer: Bitdefender SRL


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later