Disk Benchmarking Tool

Blackmagic appBlackmagic Disk Speed Test developed by Blackmagic Design Inc. is a free utility to measure the performance of your storage system.

You may want to assess your disk’s speed if you are accessing high-quality video, play games, processes high-resolution graphics or perform other real-time demanding tasks. If you experience lags, glitches or strange behaviors from files and apps, the problem may lay within RAM, disk space or disk speed. To find out which one it is, you will want to start with testing your drive speed.

The utility itself is light, fast, and easy to install. When you launch it, you will see two rotary speed gauges that represent write and read speed of your disk, as both are essential and may vary widely. To start the test, select the drive you wish to check. Then, you simply hit the Start button. The app will test your disk by writing and reading large chunks of data and then display the result. Under the gauges, there is a checklist of features for more detailed performance insight.

The interface has some minor drawbacks, for instance, there is no canceling option once you have launched the test. Choosing the disk you wish to test is also not entirely user-friendly. Hopefully, developers will address this in the nearest future.

If you leave Disk Speed Test on your computer, it will continue to evaluate the performance of your disk as it changes over time. Fragmentation (for HDDs) and general deterioration may affect the speed of your disk, so these ongoing diagnostics might be useful.

Version: 3.1

Latest Updates

  • Reports on faster disks (SSD) improved

Price: Free

Developer: Blackmagic Design Inc.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6.6 or later