CPU and Graphic Card Benchmarking Tool

Cinebench is a free benchmarking tool by MAXON, with a possibility of paid upgrades. This app’s purpose is evaluating computer’s capabilities and performance in everyday use. Cinebench is a cross-platform tool, with dedicated versions for Macs and Windows PCs.

Based on Cinema 4D’s animation software, Cinebench measures CPU and graphics performance of your device. For both central processor and graphics card tests, the app uses 3D scenes that push hardware to its limits. The app is not as hard on the user, though – all one has to do to start a test is click a button.

For CPU test, the app will stress all available cores to render the high-resolution scene packed with objects, polygons, lights, shadows, blurred and sharp reflections, etc. The faster your processor is, the more points it gets.

For graphics performance test, Cinebench will make your card display dynamic scene with lots of movement. It contains a large amount of geometry, textures, and effects such as transparency, environments, lighting and many more. After the test, you will get the rating in frames per second. The higher the number, the faster your card is.

For both tests, you can also compare the results of your devices to scores of similar systems. As the performance of your computer depends on many things, such as GPU processor, drivers, background tasks, and even the environmental temperature, the practical thing about Cinebench is that it tests in all complexity. The result you get reflects not what your hardware is abstractly capable of, but instead how it performs in the field.

Among the pluses of the app are a user-friendly comprehensive interface and a possibility of some customization. If you are not happy with the default settings, you can tweak the number of threads the app uses for the test.

What’s New

  • Version 15.0: Release notes are now unavailable when update the listing.

Price: Free

Developer: Maxon


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6 or later

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