Civilization VI

Turn-Based Strategy Video Game

The first game of the Civilization franchise was invented quarter of a century ago by a game developer Sid Meier. His creative contribution continues now when Aspyr Media Inc. publishes it for Mac OS X.

Throughout the entire series, the core gameplay remains the same. From the prehistoric time to near future (2050 in Civilization VI), the player develops a civilization, investing turns and time into researching technologies, building units and moving them across the hexagon-grid map. It is traditionally a one-player game with computer-controlled opponents, with whom the player can compete, trade, establish diplomatic relationships, and wage war depending on the chosen route to victory. The opponent AIs have their own agendas that determine player’s interaction with them. In Civilization VI, they also may have hidden agendas that player should figure out gaining knowledge from espionage, among other things.

In the newest version of the game, there are five ways to win – Culture victory, Domination victory (military conquest), Religious victory, Science victory, Time or Score victory. The Cultural route to victory was balanced to become more achievable than it was in previous versions of the game, but it still remains the most difficult one.

The gamer community accepted the game mostly favorably, although some reviewers did not like the scrapping of Diplomatic victory condition in Civilization VI in favor of Religious victory. They also lamented the limited choice of scenarios.

With a starting price tag of $59.99 the game also offers in-app purchases if you want to go beyond default settings and acquire some new civilizations, scenarios or items. FYI, the game rating is 12+ for tobacco and alcohol references and occasional cartoon violence.

Latest Updates (Version 1.0.7):

  • New civilizations and scenarios added (Indonesia and Khmer)
  • New Religion beliefs, units, and lens available
  • Visuals updated (Great Person and Diplomacy screens)
  • Balance adjustments made, some minor bugs fixed

Price: $59.99

Developer: Aspyr Media, Inc

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