Disk Inventory X

Mac Disk usage analyzer

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Disk Inventory X is a utility that helps to analyze disk usage on a Mac. The utility provides a neat summary of file distribution in terms of their size, which allows its user to understand how much space is being consumed by certain files and types of files. If you are discombobulated by a strange inclination of your disk to get instantaneously filled to the brim with who knows what, use Disk Inventory X to get to the root of the habit.

So, how does Disk Inventory X work? Actually, it’s very simple. The utility scans a hard drive and produces a visualization of space usage in the form of tree structures or ‘treemaps’. The visualization allows representing how the large shares of a disk are consumed on a space-constrained image. Each file type is assigned a color, which helps to present a result of a disk scan in a visual and user-friendly manner. If a user wants to find more information about a certain file or folder, all they have to do is to click on it.

The handy view of disk usage is all there is to the utility. It’s a lightweight software without frills that works as advertised. After all, when trying to optimize space on your disk, you will be hardly looking for anything else than a visual representation of the storage device and the allocated size of files. Even with the minimal feature set, Disk Inventory X will help you to find and remove dozens of gigabytes worth of useless files, thereby freeing up space for more important data.

Version: 1.0

Latest updates:

  • A new selection list;
  • A new color assignment feature;
  • Performance improvement;
  • A volume deletion warning;
  • A DIX crash bug fixed.

Price: Free

Developer: Tjark Derlien


  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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