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Disk and memory cleaner for Mac

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Perhaps, by today, Dr. Cleaner is the only free software for Apple computers that make it possible to free up space and speed up Macs. The features of this software compatible with the latest versions of macOS might be limited, but the application does everything a tool of this type has on a basic level. RAM optimization and released space on Mac is available thanks to different features.

First of all, the inserted file checker makes it possible to identify the messy items on a target Mac quickly. After detecting several types of junk, the app gently offers to remove the garbage. Dr. Cleaner may discover these types of junk files on your computer:

  • Outdated and large files.
  • Duplicates of videos, images, and music.
  • Temporary files.
  • Caches and cookies.
  • Login/Startup items.
  • App leftovers.
  • Mail attachments.

The tool will show which applications and processes “eat up” most of your Mac’s space. It may not be 100% accurate with its findings, but still does at least half the job famous, paid cleaners do. Once the user agrees, the software tosses away the unwanted, useless folders and files to the Trash. It may also uninstall third-party apps you do not need any longer. Without any special efforts, a Mac owner may download and install the given software on his or her computer.

The developers claim Dr. Cleaner does everything in a single click. Except for preventing the most resource-consuming apps from working, the cleaner will shut down those useless apps. To finish the spring cleaning, Dr. Cleaner will eliminate the files from the Trash without interrupting the user. The protected files remain safe in the system.

For all these commodities, a user will have to pay $19.95. The app has a free trial version.

Latest Updates:

  • Brand new user interface and simpler navigation.
  • Different bugs were fixed.

Price: $19.95

Developer: Trend Micro


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later

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