apple facetime

Social Networking App for Video Calls

FaceTime is a simple app that helps you connect with your friends and relatives via iOS devices. You just need an Apple ID, and you are ready to give a smile, laugh, and talk to anyone. FaceTime is a perfect solution for video calls with Mac, iPod, iPad, and iPhone. With FaceTime, you are one click away from getting connected to your most beloved people.

FaceTime features:

  • Easy to set up – you just need your Apple ID, and you are ready to go;
  • The built-in Address Book makes sure that you will not miss any contact;
  • Add people to the Favorite list;
  • Review past calls;
  • Receive HD video in 720p quality;
  • Deliver high-definition video with VGA! It`s a perfect camera for your Mac-to-Mac calls that keeps pixel clean!
  • You will not be disturbed by playback panel during your video conversation. The panel bar disappears when you start a conversation;
  • Smooth transition between Apple devices and their cameras will make your conversation even more interactive;
  • Families and groups may benefit a lot from the FaceTime widescreen aspect. This feature helps to place all participants into one call;
  • Every inch of your Mac display will be used to make your call even more productive. In the full-screen mode, you will not miss a spot during your conversation.

Another good thing about FaceTime is that it`s almost impossible to miss your call. FaceTime will ring be even if the application is not running. Nonetheless, you can change this feature in the settings of FaceTime.

If you have several Apple devices, then the calls will be ringing on each of them. That`s how you can answer the call using the closest or the most convenient device.

Do not forget that all Video calls require one of the following:

  • FireWire DV camcorder;
  • USB video class camera;
  • iSight camera;
  • FaceTime Camera.

If you want to make HD calls, then you need to stick to the FaceTime HD camera. Remember that it requires more than 1 Mbps internet speed connection.

Version: 1.0.5

Latest Updates:

  • Fixed connection issues in FaceTime on Snow Leopard;
  • Full-screen performance is improved;
  • Fixed issues with German language systems.

Price: $0.99

Developer: Apple Inc.


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.6.6 or later

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