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Firefox is a top-flight browser for Mac. Having a well-established name on the market, Firefox keeps garnering new users who are attracted by its speed, safety, efficiency, and reliability. Although it doesn’t boast many unique tools that aren’t present other browser projects, the ones that Firefox has work as advertised. Where Firefox excels, is in its ability to handle multiple open tabs with minimal hangs. Despite being powerful, the browser uses considerably less RAM resources than its key competitors, which results in lower battery consumption. Furthermore, Firefox makes sure that its users are not targeted by Web trackers that monitor their browsing activities.

A redesigned interface of Firefox has given it a new, slick look. Unfortunately, separate search and address boxes of the browser have not disappeared after the alteration of its design. Admittedly, the separation of the two boxes creates additional privacy protection layer; however, it makes the use of Firefox less convenient.

Keeping in line with its competitors, Firefox has syncing capabilities for switching between different machines. The syncing is supported on iOS mobile devices, which offers a simple way to transfer passwords, extensions, tabs, and even bookmarks.

Firefox offers its users a built-in video chatting tool called Hello. There is no need to create a separate account to reach friends using Firefox. Moreover, the video-chatting tool allows conducting multiple conversations simultaneously.

Firefox is a simple and reliable web browsing app that has a considerable speed advantage over its rivals. Taking into consideration the fact that the latest version of the browser can be downloaded for free, there shouldn’t be any qualms about using it on a Mac.

Version: 59.0.2

Latest updates:

  • Faster page load times;
  • New keyboard shortcuts;
  • High memory churn bug fixed;
  • Broken getUserMedia bug fixed;
  • Disabled reload button bug fixed.

Developer: Mozilla

Price: Free

Requirements for Firefox:

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later

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