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GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a multiplatform image editor. Although the utility creates a reach editing environment, it is completely free, which will appeal to those photography aficionados who don’t want to pay cold, hard cash for Photoshop. GIMP comes with a multitude of brushes, layers, and advanced image-enhancement and color adjustment tools. Given that the utility supports many plugins developed by a large community of contributors, it is possible to achieve a highly-customizable editing experience that matches that of commercial apps.

Despite the lack of a price tag, the image editing software is a mature contender on the market that goes above and beyond the provision of essential tools. For example, a recently modified Text tool allows controlling alignment, font, size and other parameters of text within an image window, thereby producing better results.

Unfortunately, GIMP is associated with a steep learning curve. It takes quite some time to figure out how even the most basic tools of the utility work, which substantially complicates the execution of simple tasks. For example, to convert a selection to a layer mask, a user has to first save it as a channel. It means that both novice users and individuals who have previous experience with other image editors would find GIMP difficult to use. The issue of the complicated workflow is exacerbated by a limited guidance. However, there are countless YouTube videos that can assist new users in learning the basics of GIMP.

Version: 2.8.22

Latest updates:

  • Single window mode;
  • Multi-column dock windows;
  • Separation of save and export activities;
  • Layer groups;
  • On-canvas text editing;
  • Fixed bugs concerning clipboard operation and drag & drop operation crashes.

Price: Free

Developer: The GIMP Team


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6 or later

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