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Description HandBreak is a video encoder that allows converting various video formats into a selection of more popular and widely supported codecs. It is an open-source software. Initially, French developer Eric “titer” Petit created it and let it out in the wild. The HandBreak community of enthusiasts has been improving it ever since. HandBreak works for Windows, macOS, and, of course, Linux.

Using some third-party tools, HandBreak creates MP4 or MKV video files from almost any video format you can create on your smartphone, tablet, video camera, screen recording from a game console or PC, DVD and Blue-ray disk.

The app has a wide variety of features, so advanced users have many options. Almost anything can be customized – frame rate, size, resolution, aspect ratio, crop, etc. The same goes for the audio, subtitles, and other settings. Among cool features of HandBreak is the support of soft subtitles and chapters.

For novice users, the app offers handy defaults for quick and dirty transcoding. HandBreak allows you to create presets for more often used scenarios. For example, you routinely convert videos to watch them on your iPhone – you can save all the settings and use them as preset to make the whole process easier and faster.

Overall, the app is not entirely straightforward and user-friendly. The interface is somewhat austere. There is no guide to HandBreak’s ramified functionality. You should be either a pro or find everything out for yourself by trial and error. Inexperienced users might find it challenging. Still, it is a solid choice for people who want a versatile and free video coding tool.

Latest Updates (Version 1.0.7) :

  • Decoding of raw video in MKV/Matroska fixed
  • Timestamp handling for containerless raw video fixed
  • Memory leaks in OpenCL fixed
  • x265 2-pass encoding fixed: video frame rate is not altered by filters anymore
  • Handling of small amounts of sync jitter improved (~1 tick)
  • Handling of AVI files with broken indices improved
  • Libav crash encoding AAC at high bitrates fixed
  • Subtitle font selection when burning in SRT/SSA subtitles improved
  • MinGW-w64 build script updated for improved compatibility with hardened GCC
  • When Done option fixed

Price: Free

Developer: The HandBrake Team

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