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App for controlling sleep mode on MacBooks

insomniax prefencesWhenever a MacBook’s lid is closed, it goes into the sleep mode. This prevents the owner of the MacBook from playing music through speakers. InsomniaX helps to prevent MacBooks from falling asleep when their owners don’t want them to.

This lightweight app allows MacBook users to gain full control over sleep cycles on their computer. InsomniaX will be appreciated by students who sometimes want to focus on studying while listening to music. After installing the app, it’s possible to work on a paper or other assignment and don’t worry that instead of playing music a closed laptop will enter into the sleep mode. Photographers can also benefit from the sleep deprivation mode enabled by InsomniaX. The app allows both amateur and professional photographers to engage in tether shooting on the go, which is indispensable for capturing tourist attractions.

The app is located in the Menu bar, where it can be either enabled or disabled with a couple of clicks. All you have to do is to enter your system password and select one of two options: Sleep Display and Sleep System. Furthermore, this simple app offers its users several additional preferences. For instance, you can choose whether the app launches automatically or not. A caveat is due here: use the app with care. It is not advised to keep a laptop functioning for an extended period because it might lead to overheating, which is harmful to the hardware of the machine. If used sparingly, the app is a great way to get additional MacBook functionality without spending a cent.

Version: 2.1.8

Latest updates:

  • Introduced sensor detection;
  • Sleep Display Hotkey;
  • Multiple CPU Safety fixes;
  • Introduced diagnostic functionality.

Price: Free

Developer: Semaja2


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8.5 or later
  • Insomnia functions will only work on MacBook (Pro/Air) devices

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