Legacy Java 6 Runtime for OS X 10.7 – macOS 10.13

apple java runtimeApple Java is designed to bring the legacy Java 6 runtime to macOS High Sierra and earlier versions of macOS such as Lion and Mountain Lion. The legacy Java is needed to run some outdated software that requires specific versions of Java. Those who try to run such software on their Macs will be prompted to install Java 6 runtime. For example, the older versions of Photoshop CS5 won’t run on a Mac having Java 8. By downloading and installing the software bundle, it is possible to run the graphics editor without updating it to the newer version.

The software package contains libraries and components needed to run numerous legacy apps and view Web content. It also addresses some security vulnerabilities of the previous version. The main pro of using Apple Java is that it allows deploying standalone utilities requiring legacy Java 6 runtime. The package is no different from the version of Java that came with OS X 2013-005.

Unfortunately, there are still some major security issues that have not been resolved. For this reason, when installing Apple Java, it is necessary to consider that it will be used by an ever-decreasing number of apps while simultaneously creating a major security breach in a user’s system. It follows that if a Mac owner doesn’t have a specific app requiring the legacy version of Java, they would be better off without it.

The good news is that Apple Java works seamlessly with macOS; therefore, those who really need the package for running older software should definitely install it.

Version: 2017-001

What’s New:

  • Addressed numerous security vulnerabilities

Price: Free

Developer: Apple Inc.


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.7 or later