little snitch app

Outgoing network connection control app

Control all of your private data going out online with the Little Snitch app.

Tracking background activity

Every time after your computer has connected to the world web, numerous apps on it get permission to send out any data they need to anywhere online. The Little Snitch app lets you control this activity, and decide what should happen with all this information.

Controlling the network

With the help of Little Snitch, you can choose which connections you’d like to allow and which to deny. You can also define a common rule for handling all similar attempts of connection in the future. The app is designed to run in the background asking for a minimum of a user’s attention. It also can notify you of malicious network activity such as a threat of Trojans, viruses, and other types of malware.

Version: 4.0.5

Latest updates

Remember! The latest version 4 is available as a paid upgrade from the previous versions of the app.


  • Fixed the alert of kernel panic in case with over two billion of simultaneously outgoing connections;
  • Fixed numerous issues causing the Connection Alert;
  • Fixed the issue with scrolling the Network Monitor’s page.


  • The Connection Alerts now appoint a connection as the one coming from or to your local network;
  • Creating the rule “Only local network” in the Connection Alert;
  • Showing Connection Alert notifications of a mismatch in code signature even with the Silent mode on.
  • Preventing Network Monitor from showing the incorrect host name in the case with the incoming data of UPD.

Price: $45

Developer: Objective Development Software GmbH


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later

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