Mac Operation System

What is OS X Yosemite? It`s a new design in a combination with completely familiar features. This operating system will help enhance the features of your newly installed apps. That`s how you can reach completely new relationships with your Mac and other iOS devices. OS X Yosemite will change the way you see your Mac.

OS X Yosemite elevates your Mac user experience to a completely new level. The developers redesigned the entire system of communication between a user and a computer thanks to changing many core features, adding a whole bunch of the new ones, and fully re-building the interface of the operating system. The result of this work is obvious – you will have a completely new fresh look on your desktop. It is pure creativeness in simplicity, which you will love.

Yet another feature of a new system are completely redesigned apps. This new artistic style will make your heart beat faster. OS X Yosemite will provide you a new way for apps that you want to use every day. That`s how you can surf the Web, send emails, read messages, organize your files – faster, simpler and better. You will be amazed at new great features of your well known apps!

Do not hesitate to use your Mac with other iOS devices! Yosemite will help you do incredible things in this regard. Combine your iPhone or iPad with Yosemite, and you will have a new harmonious way of communication between your devices. When they recognize the existence of each other – you will have brilliant features that can enhance your user experience and boost your productivity.

Version: 10.10.5

Latest Updates:

  • New enhanced compatibility with email servers;
  • Fixed issues with GoPro video and photo import;
  • Fixed issues with QuickTime Player that did not allow users to playback Windows Media files;
  • Enhanced security features for Yosemite, which gradually develop the systems, like ID OD Plug-in control, Graphic Control, Bluetooth, CloudKit, CoreMedia Playback, Data Engine, Dictionary Application, FontParser, ImageIO, IOFireWireFamily, IOGrphics, Kernel, Libinfo, PostgreSQL and QL Office. Therefore, remote attackers will have a lot of problems getting to your device. Moreover, the maliciously crafted software will be better detected;
  • New design of applications;
  • Better synchronization with your iOS devices;
  • Enhanced optimization of your Desktop.

Price: Free

Developer: Apple Inc.


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.6.8 or later