MainMenu Pro

Mac’s Optimizer & Performance Booster

mainmenu utilitiesIf you find your Mac being too slow and overloaded, one of the ways to optimize its performance is by installing MainMenu Pro. It has several menu-bar controls to boost Mac’s productivity:

  1. Enhanced app performance. MainMenu Pro claims to erase system cache, font cache, and the caches of all users on a single OS to make the software function the way it should. It will make the process of launching various applications much faster.
  2. App uninstaller. Once you delete the unwanted software by placing its icon in the Trash, it is not completely gone in most cases. Even if you Empty Trash, some associated processes may remain. MainMenu Pro knows how to deal with that.
  3. Speedy searching. The software can rebuild the Spotlight library to let a user get search results faster.
  4. Rapid Apple Mail. The app MainMenu Pro rebuilds the mail
  5. Advanced Customization. The tool fixes disk permissions along with volumes, deactivates Dashboard, etc. it helps to get rid of the typical disk issues and store RAM.
  6. Empty trash. A user may leave this regular procedure to MainMenu Pro. It is useful if you often forget to erase junk from your Trash.
  7. Effects manager. The app will help to turn off specific visual effects to speed up the Apple computer.
  8. Multitasking control. The software helps to allocate resources properly to minimize the usage of space and memory when multitasking.

The developers recommend purchasing a Pro version 3.5.2 to get full control over the target Apple computer. This version of the tool will reclaim space on your computer, by making it fast again. Mostly, it does so by detecting and eliminating the largest or old files and folders. Those users who always have too many stuff on their Desktops will find the software useful as it can archive the clutter.

You can, however, find free apps like MainMenu that offer almost the same features. Test it first before deciding whether to buy it.

Version: 3.5.2

Latest Updates:

  • The most recent update solved an issue with a bug that led the Turn on Screensaver task to fail

Price: $19.99

Developer: Incredible Bee Ltd.


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.12 or later


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