Video format converter, compatible with Blu-ray

MakeMKV is an easy-to-use yet a powerful application that will help to convert any of your videos in a format which is free and is not unencumbered by any patents; after, you can play the videos can or work with them anywhere. MakeMKV is a converter of video format app; otherwise, it is called a “transcoder” app. With its help, you can convert any video clip from proprietary (and in most cases encrypted one) disc into a free set of files in MKV format. Most of the video’s information will be preserved, and it won’t be changed anyhow. The format MKV can store various audio and video tracks keeping all their meta-information and preserving the chapters. Files in MKV format can be played on a big number of players, as well as on most of the platforms. You can also find many tools for converting MKV files into various formats that include Blu-ray discs and DVD.

Besides, the app instantly streams decrypted videos with no need for intermediate conversion to numerous players. Thanks to it, you can watch your video in DVD or Blu-ray format, using your preferred player, practically on any OS and any device.

MakeMKV app can:

  • Read Blu-ray and DVDs;
  • Read Blu-ray discs that are protected with the most recent BD+ and AACS versions;
  • Preserve any video and audio tracks (including audio in HD format);
  • Preserve information of chapters;
  • Preserve any meta-information (such as the language of tracks, types of audio);
  • High-speed conversion – files are converted as fast as data is read by your device’s drive;
  • No need for extra software for decryption or conversion;
  • Free of charge functionality for opening DVDs;
  • All app’s features (including processing and decryption of Blu-ray) are available for free in BETA version.

Version: 1.12.0 (requires an Intel 64 bit processor)

Latest Updates

  • Added: fixes for internal bugs, mostly handling issues in UHD.

Price: Free

MakeMKV app offers shareware and freeware functions.

  • Freeware functions (such as converting and streaming of AVCHD and DVDs) are available anytime;
  • Shareware functions (such as Blu-ray discs streaming) are available for a free trial period of 30 days;
  • After a 30-days period, free of charge trial version is expired, and a user needs to buy a key for registration, under a charge of $50.00.

Developer: Guinpin Soft Inc.

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