Software for Microsoft Mouse

microsoft mouseMicrosoft Mouse is a piece of peripheral equipment that is well-known in the gaming community. To have better control of the mouse, a user needs Microsoft Mouse software (formerly known as IntelliPoint). Microsoft Mouse software helps users to customize key features of the input device to better fit their needs. After downloading and installing this free software, users will be able to adjust pointer and scrolling speed, precision, and acceleration, thereby making it easier to use the mouse.

There is no denying that Microsoft Mouse is a well-built input device. After all, it has gained traction in the gaming community due to its comfort and reliability. However, there is no mouse, which will be equally comfortable for every user. Therefore, it is extremely important not to be stuck with the default mouse functionality. Microsoft Mouse software is helpful because it provides users with the freedom to remap mouse buttons after their liking.

Close and Back buttons are the most frequently used buttons on a Mac. Instead of spending extra seconds every day to locate those buttons, an owner of Microsoft Mouse can take advantage of their input device’s special features and become more efficient. Microsoft Mouse software allows assigning function buttons to the most commonly used Mac buttons, thereby making the lives of mouse owners much easier. Most importantly, the range of mouse configuration options is not restricted to Mac keyboard buttons only. Users can customize mouse buttons for each app. Furthermore, the scroll-wheel, which is also an extra button, can also be assigned a new action.

Version: 8.2

Latest updates

  • Introduced multiple fixes

Price: free

Requirements for Microsoft Mouse:

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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