Remote Control Application

Microsoft Remote Control allows you to take over your computer quickly and with minimum effort. Did you have a situation in your life when you have left the PowerPoint presentation on your computer? Did you try to help your parents to fix some issues in order to get them on Skype halfway across the continent? This is exactly the scenario when you need remote access to the desktop.

Microsoft Remote Control grants you access to your PC through the Remote Desktop Gateway. It allows having the same rights for the files for you or any other person who needs to get your files. If you worry about the security of the process, then you will be amazed at the security protocols provided by the Network Layer Authentication Technology. It grants you secure access to any of your devices, and nobody can overtake your control without permission.

Simple management of remote controls will help you to get used to remote processes with no time. You will also get a high-quality video and sound streaming through the remote access. It also lets you connect to the multiple monitors to enhance the overall performance! You can also continue to work on multiple projects at the same time on all monitors.

In addition, the remote controller gets you the nearest printer with your Microsoft OS device. Therefore, you will be able to print any document from your Mac with the help of Microsoft OS! One more feature that can certainly amaze you is the access to your Mac from the Windows application.

Version: 8.0.43

Latest Updates:

  • Fixed bugs with “Configuring Remote Session.” Therefore, you will not be longer stuck with connecting to a remote app;
  • New UI that helps you to access the remote apps or RDP files;
  • You can now specify a port number when getting to the remote access;
  • The UI starts to show the preferences shortcuts;
  • Fixed a number of bugs connected with RDP file system.

Price: Free

Developer: Microsoft Corporation


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.9 or later