Free Open Source Video Converter

miro converterMiro Video Converter is very basic, very light, stripped to the core app that allows converting video files to mobile-compatible formats: for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Kindle Fire. If you want to watch your video on the go but you do not care much about editing and control over every detail of the process, Miro does exactly that.

Developed by a non-profit community of enthusiasts, Miro is free and open-source. According to the open-source principles, Miro runs almost everywhere – on Windows, macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, and some more obscure operation systems. Miro creators started from the video and audio player, aptly named Democracy Player or DTV prior to its rebranding. Miro Video Converter was initially a satellite app to the player – that is the main reason why it is so simple and light.

Miro Video Converter lacks many features that other converters usually offer, but it is as user-friendly as you can get. All you have to do is open the app, drop the file you wish to convert into the app window, choose your preferred end format from the drop-down list and hit the “Convert” button. The converted file will appear in the same folder as the source file. Unfortunately, you cannot choose another destination.

Miro Video Converter supports all major formats, like AVI, H264, MOV, WMV, XVID, Theora, MKV, FLV, MP4. Another nice feature is a possibility to take only the audio from the source file and convert it to MP3.

The latest update adds some output options and more control over the video quality. For example, it now supports batch conversion and custom sizing. Still, the main simplicity principles are there.

Version: 3.0

Latest Updates

  • Major UI improvements
  • Batch processing feature added
  • More devices and output formats added
  • Control over output size and aspect ratio improved
  • Progressive MP4 output for web playback added
  • WebM output quality improved (SD and HD)
  • Thumbnail generation added
  • Professional output options added

Price: Free

Developer: Participatory Culture Foundation


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.6.8 or later