Maintenance and Optimization utility

You can easily optimize and maintain your Mac space with OnyX. It`s a multifunctional and trusted utility for your Mac. OnyX helps you verify your startup disc according to the structure of its system files. This, in turn, helps you prevent a massive data loss!

Furthermore, OnyX releases the hidden parameters of the Finder, iTunes, Safari, QuickTime, Dock, Spotlight, and more. You can run your monthly, weekly, and daily maintenance scripts on your own schedule. It will help you keep the functions of Mac in perfect shape. You can also choose the automatic tasks for OnyX. Therefore, you will only perform the tasks that you really need.

Are you tired of deleting caches that occupy your valuable Mac drive space? OnyX can help you clean all the cache from the Applications, Audio Units, System Panes, DNS Cache, Browser Cache, Download Cache, Cookies, Bookmark icons, Web Pages Previews, Browser history and Downloaded Item lists.

The exclusive feature of OnyX is the Wi-Fi diagnostics. It will help you to diagnose your wireless network, find bugs and debug them, capture traffic and even more.

OnyX will help you keep your Mac optimized, fully functional, and ready-to-use whenever you need it! It`s made possible by removing your problematic folders and rebuilding indexes, databases, and so on. Therefore, OnyX can provide a simple interference in tasks where it usually requires complex commands. In other words, it saves your time that you can use for more important tasks. It`s all in one tool that you must have in your collection!

Version: 3.4.2

Latest Updates:

  • Improved cache deleting functions;
  • Improved log deleting process;
  • More optimization functions added.

Price: Free

Developer: Titanium Software