System Utility to Control Fans

One thing you may want to take control over your Mac – it`s the cooler system. The fan is automatically controlled by your CPU, but what if you were the one to decide how fast it should blow? The smcFanControl lets you set up the minimum speed of your fan. Therefore, you can increase the overall velocity and make your Intel Mac run cooler. Still, smcFanControl does not allow you to set the speed of the fan less than the minimum required speed.

The minimum required speed is dictated by Apple`s defaults. Do not try to go below or over the default extreme values set on your Mac. Otherwise, you may end up burning your Apple computer. Furthermore, smcFanControl does not allow you to override the automatic settings of your Mac. It means that if your CPU needs more fan speed – you will not be able to stop it. It`s necessary for the system as it helps you to keep your Mac safe and sound.

smcFanControl also displays the overall temperature and fan speed in the menu bar. It also allows you set different speeds for different fans separately. Therefore, you can track the changes of your fans and distribute the power according to your preferences.

Do not forget that you need to be extremely cautious when you deal with fans. If you don`t have the specific reason to change the settings of your fans, then it`s advised to leave the default settings. However, if you feel that it may significantly influence the overall performance of your Mac, then you may try to use smcFanControl.

Version: 2.6

Latest Updates:

  • French localization;
  • Sparkle updater updates;
  • smcFanControl new requirements – needs at least Mac OS 10.7;
  • Fixed crashes on MacBook 12″;
  • Added the invisible text on macOS Sierra.

Price: Free

Developer: Eidac


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.7 or later