Remote Desktop Access Utility

TeamViewer is a multiplatform remote access utility. The app is geared toward professional users; however, it can be also used by those who help their friend to troubleshoot a computer. One can sign up for a free TeamViewer account and utilize it for mundane purposes but it is also indispensable for corporate individuals who want to access their office desktop while traveling.

As the utility’s widespread success attests, it is extremely efficient in performing its primary function – establishing a remote control connection. TeamViewer creates a remote access window, within which a computer located elsewhere can be easily operated. After launching the app and establishing a connection, a user is provided with quick links to the command prompt and control panels. The multi-monitor support of TeamViewer allows showing multiple displays on a single screen. To ensure that each connection is secure, the app uses an ID and an alphanumeric password. Furthermore, there is a standard 256-bit encryption for each remote session, which provides additional security.

TeamViewer has a File Transfer with the transmission rate of 200 MB/s. There also a File Box feature that creates a shared folder for two machines. However, TeamViewer doesn’t offer the drag and drop functionality, which can inconvenience some users. Despite somewhat restricted file sharing functionality, TeamViewer provides its users with other handy features such as conferences calls, video sharing, chat, and active directory connector. Overall, TeamViewer is a solid remote access utility, a must-have for those who are on the move a lot but often need a stable remote access to a desktop computer.

Version: 13.1

Latest updates

  • Fixed the local taskbar bug;
  • Fixed the black remote screen bug;
  • Fixed the closing connection window but;
  • Eliminated crashing issues.

Price: Free


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10.5 or later