A tool for monitoring a Mac’s temperature

temp monitor for macTemp Monitor is a piece of software for controlling Mac’s temperature. The app monitors the temperature of key hardware components in a Mac and alerts a user every time it reaches dangerous levels. Temp Monitor accesses the physical temperature sensors of a Mac and presents their readings to a user in a visual form. The tool is unobtrusive, which will be appreciated by users who don’t want to get distracted by unnecessary notifications.

Temp Monitor allows Mac owners to monitor CPU temperature. The app provides neat stats that break down temperature readings by cores, thereby allowing to determine if some cores are warmer than others. The temperature of Mac’s processor can also be tracked over time to analyze heating trends. The utility runs in the background and provides its users with unobtrusive notifications when the processor temperature approaches a critical level. Most importantly, the app allows customizing overheat temperature notifications in a setting’s window. The use of Temp Monitor, helps users to know when their CPU is overheating, thereby prompting them to quit the most resource-consuming tasks.

Temp Monitor logs all data gathered from built-in temperature sensors of a Mac. Therefore, it can always be reviewed, analyzed, and shared by a user. The data can be exported to txt and CSV files. The utility’s notification center can be used to set audio overheating alerts. This useful feature is needed to ensure that critical temperature warnings are not missed. In addition to monitoring Mac’s temperature, Temp Monitor also provides its users with key information about their hardware such as processor type and bus frequencies.

Version: 1.0.3

Latest updates:

  • Interface bugs in dark mode fixed

Developer: VIMI Studios

Price: $3

Requirements for Temp Monitor:

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later