Media Player for Mac

Despite the relatively short history of media files digitalization, a great number of audio and video formats were created. There are several reasons for that. However, this fact does not make it any easier for users who often have to download several media players to open necessary files.

Developers of VLC Media Player decided to carve a niche among universal cross-platform media players. They created a tool that supports the majority of audio and video compression methods and file formats, including streaming protocols, BD video, and video CD.

What is good about it?

The main advantage of this app is its versatility. It supports almost all known formats including the ones encoded with codecs that have been long discontinued. Worth mentioning, it also plays HD and BluRay.

Then, it is a relatively stable and lightweight app, which does not contain any spyware, track users and annoy them with ads.


  • Activates hardware decoding by default.
  • Supports 10bits and HDR.
  • Supports 360 video;
  • Supports 3D audio.
  • Allows audio pass-through for HD audio codecs.
  • Can stream to Chromecast devices (including formats not supported natively).

Additional feature: VLC Media Player also has several basic editing tools for adjusting various file properties.

What is bad about it?

Attempting to be both cross-platform and multi-format, VLC Media Player sometimes lacks stability.

It also has an unsolved issue with the audio not always synchronizing with the video playback.

VLC Media Player’s interface may look rather raw and old-fashioned compared to other media players. The app needs improvement in UX so that inexperienced users could easily access and work with its basic and advanced tools.

In general, VLC Media Player is a unique product that provides users with a possibility to play media of almost all formats, including the marginal ones. Thanks to it, there is no need to waste time on file conversion.

VLC Media Player has its own disadvantages, but it earns a little leeway as an open-source app that is available for a free and safe download.

Version: 3.0.1

What’s New:

  • Fixed conversion output file name encoding;
  • Improved Auto-layout;
  • Removed misleading playback warning indicator;
  • Fix show sidebar setting being ignored on the

Price: Free (Donationware)

Developer: VideoLAN