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A Driver for professional Wacom tablets

Wacom Tablet Driver supports a wide range of professional Wacom tablets. Pen display tablets that require the driver are Intuos 4 and Intuos 5, Cintiq (24HD, 24HD Touch, 22 HD, 21UX, 13HD, 12WX, 20WSX), DTU-2231, DTU-1931, and DTU-1631.

Wacom tablets are a perfect choice for professional and aspiring artists alike because they provide extended functionality, support extremely high screen resolution, and allow tilt recognition at a reasonable price. To ensure that a tablet works as intended, it is essential to download and install the latest version of its driver. Wacom Tablet Driver is needed to regulate the normal functioning of pen tablets and pens produced by Wacom as well as to introduce new features and extend the functionality of the devices.

After downloading and installing Wacom Tablet Driver, owners of the company’s devices will benefit from the scroll function of pens. The function is supported by a variety of Wacom and third-party apps. The scroll allows navigating a display with a single press of a button, which helps to streamline workflow.

In addition to adding new functionality, the driver improves the Precision Mode scaling, thereby making it easier to use Wacom devices in 4K resolutions. Diagnostic logging capability will also improve after installing Wacom Tablet Driver.

It should be mentioned that prior to installing the driver, it is necessary to remove older ones to avoid compatibility issues. It is highly recommended to install the new driver because it leads to noticeable improvements in speed and comes with nifty features that will be highly appreciated by Wacom tablet users.

Version: 6.3.28-2

What’s New:

  • Scroll function;
  • Improved diagnostic logging;
  • Improved Precision Mode scaling.

Price: Free

Developer: Wacom


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later

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