An app for running Windows software on Macs

wine packageWine is an app for running Windows-specific software on a Mac. The app functions as a compatibility layer that allows installing and playing PC games on a macOS computer without the additional overhead of purchasing Windows. When software developed for Windows is executed on a Mac, Wine makes sure that processing and memory requests are answered properly. Although the app doesn’t work for all Windows software, it certainly helps to ease the gaming itch with regards to classic games, which explains its wide popularity.

Now, Wine 3 is out, which is an important milestone in a quixotic effort to bring essential Windows software to macOS-based computers. Unlike other ways to solve the issue of compatibility between the two OSs, Wine does not impose considerable memory penalties on a Mac. Therefore, you are less likely to experience system hangs when running the app than when using virtual machines or Boot Camp.

Although Wine is a solid app, this is not the best option for running a compatibility layer on a Mac. It has to do with the fact that Wine does not have a convenient set of graphical tools helping users to install and execute Windows software. Therefore, it is best suited for experienced users who don’t need visual aids. Furthermore, the use of Wine presupposes manual tweaks for configuring even the most common Windows programs, which can also substantially inconvenience novice users.

Wine is a barebones app that makes the work done. Given that it is open source software, it will only improve with time.

Version: 3.5

Latest updates

  • Support of RSA and ECDSA;
  • Improved support of Vulkan;
  • Streamlined manifest file parser;
  • Direct3D command stream.

Price: Free

Developer: Wine Project


  • Intel
  • OS X 10.5 or later
  • X11 or XQuartz