Allows Using Windows Programs on Mac

Despite the name, this application has nothing to do with wine. It deals with Windows and Mac software of any type. Mostly, this one is developed for the third-party tools. It is possible to ‘bottle’ the apps installed on these operating systems. Also, Linux users love using WineBottler. Thanks to this software, Linux computer owners can install and play applications developed specifically for Windows. As far as Linux has far fewer options than Windows, users usually benefit from using such app.

Apple computer owners may also set up and use WineBottler. This free-of-charge tool can “bottle” Windows apps into separate software bundles. They will operate as standalone Apple computer’s applications.

The application looks pretty much similar to CodeWeavers’ Crossover. The separate prefixes are developed per a single application. At the same time, the software “wraps” the individual prefixes in an app bundle. It makes it possible to come up with standalone apps too. Without installing Wine, it is possible to do that! The program will add the wine bundle inside the standalone app bundle.

So, this program packages Windows software snugly into Mac OS X application bundles. How can a user benefit from it? Well, there is no need to install and use special emulators or set up Windows as the second operating system for a while just to view Windows-based applications, games, and outdated stuff like Internet Explorer. The program applies a good open-source instrument called Wine. This way, WineBottler allows viewing any Windows apps on Mac.

Version: 1.8.3

Latest Updates:

  • Different errors fixed.
  • Improved National Language Support files.
  • Plenty of NVidia cards attached to the GPU description table.

Price: Free

Developer: MikesMassiveMess


  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.6.8 or later

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